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Realisation of Artworks

Service for Artists who want to create artworks.

The Faenza Art Ceramic Center is familiar with the many complexities involved in the creation of ceramic works: from large dimensions, to high temperature, glaze, decoration, firing, etc. Nothing is taken for granted or totally predictable and each process requires great experience and knowledge of materials. If you are an artist and need to create works of art that due to technique, knowledge of materials, space or availability of tools you are unable to complete, the Faenza Art Ceramic Center can do it for you.

How we work:
    • Sending of the project by the artist and phone call to determine the work;
    • Selection by the FACC of the most suitable technician(s) to carry out the project;
    • Meeting between the FACC technician(s) and the artist. If a physical meeting is not possible, video call; During the meeting the technician(s) will present to the artist the various aspects of the realisation of the work (materials - taking into account the artist's needs and the use that will be made of the work, time - taking into account all the phases of the realisation of a work, possible alternative solutions if the artist's initial idea is considered unfeasible);
    • Agreement on the project between the technician(s) and the Artist;
    • Faenza Art Ceramic Center sends the estimate to the artist;
    • If the artist accepts the estimate, the project will begin;
    • Free sampling of materials (clays and glazes) as per the final work by the FACC; Before proceeding with the realisation of the work, the technicians will evaluate the samples together with the artist;
    • Payment of a deposit by the artist according to the agreements between FACC and Artist;
    • Realisation of the work by the FACC technician(s);
    • The artist may check the progress of the work cyclically;
    • End of the project;
    • Packaging and Delivery of the work (at the expense of the FACC only if included in the estimate);
    • Installation of the work (at the expense of the FACC only if included in the estimate);
    • Payment of the balance by the artist.

We strongly believe in the work of artists and as FACC we want to provide all the skills and equipment that our international centre can offer to carry out your projects.

For information please fill in the form below or contact us at +39 0546 46936.

Customised artistic projects

If you are looking for an individual work experience, a training designed and structured according to your own specific needs, the Faenza Art Ceramic Center can offer you plenty of opportunities.

Our studio, our skills and resources are always available for people wishing to deepen their knowledge of ceramics. You will have the possibility to choose both the duration of the project and the topics to be discussed.

We can provide assistance based on individual needs thanks to our cooperation with highly qualified teachers and technicians.
Tools spray booth (with inner banding wheel) – compressor – airbrush (2,5 mm nozzle with cup and top) – wall mounted clay extruder – dryer Equipment available standing edge wheel – mobile cart – shelves – working table – basins of different sizes – sprayer bottles – carafes – funnel – scissors – big and small cans of different sizes Other locker with key – WIFI – coffee machine (0,40 € each drink) – microwave - kettle
Kiln 1 Nabertherm N4OE / 1300° – LxWxH 36x40x32cm Kiln 2 Rohde ELS200 / 1300° – LxWxH 45x64x68cm Costs have to be agreed upon with the organization. Info and applications: +39 0546 46936 or fill in the contact form below

Firing Service

If you don't have a kiln you can fire your art works directly at the Faenza Art Ceramic Center.

Below kilns measures and prices: Kiln 1 / 1300° Inner Size  LxWxH 36x40x32 cm <800°C         price     38,00€ <1000°C       price     44,00€ <1300°C       price     50,00€ Kiln 2 / 1300° Inner Size  LxWxH 45x64x68 cm <800°C         price     50,00€ <1000°C       price     55,00€ <1300°C       price     79,00€ Kiln 3 / 1300° Inner Size  ØxH 45x46 cm <800°C         price     37,00€ <1000°C       price     42,00€ <1300°C       price     55,00€ Kiln 4 / 1300° Inner Size  LxWxH 52x58x89 cm <800°C         price     66,00€ <1000°C       price     78,00€ <1300°C       price     90,00€ Firings must be reserved at +39 0546 46936

Rent the Studio

If you want to work in a professional studio, you can rent the Faenza Art Ceramic Center spaces.

THE STUDIO Your  Position Individual working table - Shelves - Standing edge wheel Tools and Equipment Spray booth with inner Banding Wheel - Compressor - Wall Mounted Clay Extruder - Dryer Other Services Locker with key - WI-FI - Coffee Machine (€ 0,40 each drink) - Microwave - Kettle COSTS Rent for a day  4h   price 50,00€ 8h   price 80,00€ Studios rent must be reserved at +39 0546 46936