Fully equipped studio

Artists will have the possibility to improve their knowledge of ceramic techniques and materials, relying on the necessary resources and technical support needed to fulfil their own projects.
You can find us in Faenza, internationally acknowledged for its ancient ceramic tradition. One of our main goals is the organization of inter-cultural / cultural exchanges between international and local artists and institutions.

Artists can go to the studio every day 24h a day, 7 days a week.

Residence studio is equipped with working tables, shelves and a locker with key. Also, artists can use electric kilns, pottery wheels and a wide range of ceramic tools and equipment.
In addition, the Faenza Art Ceramic Center is situated next to Ceramic & Colours, where potters can easily find all the materials they need for the realization of their works (e.g. glazes, colours, pigments, clays and slips, many tools and equipment, etc.).

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The Call for Entry 2024 (where the residence condition, the prices and the application process are explained)
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The Artists in Residence Program (All the services of the FACC are listed here)

Exhibition in the historical center of Faenza

Faenza is one of the world capitals of majolica, hence the term Faïance, that is to say, the ceramic technique that made it famous. Besides the wealth and fame for ceramics, the city is known for its beautiful architecture and the central position, close to some cities of art such as Florence, Bologna, Ravenna and Venice. The architectural splendor reached its peak during the Renaissance and during the government of the Manfredi family with the construction of the cathedral, the Palazzo del Popolo and the monumental Piazza del Popolo. The whole city has ancient Renaissance, eighteenth-century and nineteenth-century buildings some built during the papal domination and the Napoleonic era. The city is rich in mysterious cellars or underground, frescoed halls, noble courtyards and many small churches, and different corners of particular beauty.

In this architectural setting, the FACC chooses spaces for the final exhibitions of artistic residences. According to the specificities of the artists’ projects, the stage is preferred to present the exhibitions. Many of these spaces are already meeting places for various musical, theatrical and literature events.
During the exhibition the artist may decide to sell his own works.

Accommodation in the historical center

Artists will be offered an accommodation in the historical center. Thanks to its ancient ceramic tradition, its architecture, its museums and potters’ studios, Faenza is a town that really offers you the possibility to feel surrounded by ceramics. Our staff will help artists and suggests them how to fully live this experience.


Other Services offered by the FACC

1) Firing service

We perfectly know how important firngs can be in the creative process of ceramic works and that is why we make our kilns and expertise available to artists. Firings can be rent at any time and our technicians can help planning and setting curves and loading the kiln.

Forno 1 | Rohde TE 80 S 1300° – ØxH – 45×46 cm
Forno 2 | Nabertherm N 280E 1300° – LxPxH – 52X58X89 cm

2) Technical assistance

At FACC artists can get the technical support they need for the realization of their artistic projects.
Our consultants /experts can help them both with traditional and modern ceramic techniques. Furthermore, there will be the possibility to ask for the support of laboratory technicians specialized in ceramic products such as glazes, clays and raw materials.

3) Social media & Press

The association will promote the artist with all its communications channels:
The cost for this services is included in to the residence price (except for the press release and the on-line publications that will be evaluated from time to time by the artists and the staff of the association).

Total Cost for 1 month – 2200 € | Cost for 2 months – 4070 € | Cost for 3 months – 5830 €

fully equipped studio | accommodation in the historical center of Faenza | technical consultancy | social media & press (Website, Facebook and Instagram) 

STUDIO RESIDENCE FOR IAC (International Academy of Ceramics) MEMBERS
Total Cost for 1 month – 1980 € | Cost for 2 months – 3740 € | Cost for 3 months – 5390 €

fully equipped studio | accommodation in the historical center of Faenza | technical consultancy | social media & press (Website, Facebook and Instagram) 

Total Cost for 1 month – 1760 € | Cost for 2 months – 3410 € | Cost for 3 months – 4950 €

fully equipped studio | accommodation in the historical center of Faenza | technical consultancy | social media & press (Website, Facebook and Instagram) 

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