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I Edition Ceramic&Colours Award

Faenza 2016

“Crawling – The Amusing Skin”

The Cultural Association Passepartout Faenza concluded the first edition of the “Ceramic&Colours Award”, a ceramic competition with the aim of promoting and enhancing the research in the field of vitreous ceramic coatings for the finishing of ceramic objects.

For 2016 edition the “Crawling” effect has been selected. Prizes 2016 1° CLASSIFICATO “Ceramic&Colours Award 2016″ IVAN SKUBIN – 54 points 2° CLASSIFICATO “Premio Franco Santi” KARIN PUTSCH-GRASSI – 52 points 3° CLASSIFICATO “Menzione Speciale” MARIO ENKE - 51 points 4° CLASSIFICATO “Menzione Speciale” GILBERT GUILLOT - 44 points 5° CLASSIFICATO “Menzione Speciale” MARY FOX - 42 points 5° CLASSIFICATO “Menzione Speciale” ROBERTO AIUDI - 42 points 5° CLASSIFICATO “Menzione Speciale” MOHAMED ALI MAHMOUD MOHAMED – 42 points Look the Catalogue