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Paula Bastiaansen in Residence

27 August - 28 September 2018

From 27 August to 28 September 2018 the Faenza Art Ceramic Center hosts the international artist Paula Bastiaansen. Artist Statement "My Passion is working with Porcelain. I find the challenge of working with this incredible material; white, Transparent, fine strong but at the same time fragile, uncompromising, tearing and deforming and all it’s other assets immensely fascinating. Fascinating and highly challenging in the shaping of my work.

The astonishingly breathtaking feeling that I experienced a long time ago while observing a tiny Chinese bowl; The Beauty, the Transparency, the refinement, the movement, the rhythm and the strength. All those things where from that moment on the elements that I try to aspire to in my work. The aspiration and search for grand movement. Movement like the forever continues swell of the ocean. Movement that swirls and arises from a central point similar to that of a hurricane. The search for rhythm, the rhythm of the continuous repetition of patterns and growth processes very much like we find them in nature.

The search for strength like in a shell, the fortitude of the material that porcelain is which can brake but does not perish, does not get affected by weather, wind, fungus and bacteria. The strength of the Porcelains hard that survives through out the ages. The search for movement, rhythm,weightlessness, fragility and transparency, so light and transparent that the material becomes almost immaterial."

Paula Bastiaansen

Work description Movement, rhythm, weightlessness, fragility and translucency. Paula Bastiaansen will be also the teacher for one of the Faenza Art Ceramic Center Workshop. More information. Download the Paula Bastiaansen CV

Kazuko Uga solo Show

09 – 21 October 2018

Kasuko Uga's work is a tribute to contemplative calm, she uses liquid porcelain to create utilitarian, decorative pieces and large installations of profound delicacy. She has received numerous international awards. Her works are part of recognized ceramic collections. Moreover, this renowned artist holds cortes in many countries all over the world. She is a teacher of the To-no-mori Ceramic Art Institute Training Center of the ancient ceramic tradition city of Tokoname, where she lives and works in her studio.

Under the sponsorship of the Municipality of Faenza, the FACC will present the artist KASUKO UGA at the OCTOBRE GIAPPONESE Festival, in a solo show from October 9th to 21st, Palazzo Comunale, Sala delle Bandiere.

Kazuko Uga will be also the teacher for one of the Faenza Art Ceramic Center Workshop. More information.

Download the Kazuko Uga CV